Chương trình mẫu PLC Wecon PLC LX3V

Chương trình mẫu PLC Wecon PLC LX3V

 Chương trình mẫu PLC Wecon PLC LX3V 

1. 24-hour clock

This case uses three counters to count time, it uses 24-hour clock as an example.

2. Automatic door

This case uses interlock function to achieve the automatic operation of the door.

3. Automatic initialization

4. Delay off Circuit

This case uses a delay switch circuit as an example, which uses LD, LDI instruction and timers.

5. Doorbell

This case uses a button to control a doorbell.

6. Double Control

The simplest dual control circuit is the downstairs / upstairs lighting control system.

7. Fail-Safe

This case uses three instructions “PLS”and “SET” and “RST” ,to control that pump stops pumping,when pressing “stop button” or “no water in water tank”.

8. Float value control water

This case uses a float valve(DI0) to close the water valve.Float valve controls the water.

9. Flow led

This case uses Timer as time controller and outputs (Y) to trigger lights, it use the flow led as an example.

10. Gate of Parking Lot

This case uses interlock function to achieve the automatic operation of the gage of the parking lot.

11. High speed counter

This case uses encoder to record washing machine’s revolving turns.C235 is a high speed counter in this example.

12. Motor forward and reverse

This case uses three input terminals for control buttons, the forward and reverse rotation of the belt is used as an example

13. Multi-PLSY

This case uses three instructions “CJ”and “PLSY”,to control that bell ringing.Two bell’s voice are different. When customer press bell button,bell will ring that means customer coming.Voice is two short ringtone. When window broken,“windows sensor will trigger X2”.bell will ring that means warning.Voice is long high ringtone.

14. PLSY instruction for illumination control

This case change the the brightness of light by changing the frequency of pulse.

15. Reset all device

This case uses “ZRST” to reset many device(for example: traffic lights).Because PLC steps capacity is limited. ZRST can reset many device to save capacity. There are many lights. PLC will control these lights with Y0-Y17.ZRST can close these lights quickly.

16. Start, hold, Stop of motor

This case uses the motor start, hold and stop control as an example that demonstrates how to use the LD, LDI instruction.

17. Two-way traffic lights at crossroads

This case uses PLC output(Y) as light control, and use traffic lights as an example.

18. Using ALT start or stop one action

The timing of an event can be controlled by an input, using this input to switch the timer ON state to the OFF state.

19. Variable control of PLSY instruction

Users can change the sound of the doorbell by raising or lowering the pulse that drives the doorbell.

20. PID

A proportional–integral–derivative is a control loop feedback mechanism commonly used in industrial control systems. PID control continuously calculates an error value as the difference between a measured process variable and a desired set point.

In this demo,user could use HMI and PLC to simulate,and image this is heating temperature device,and you can use HMI to simulate this test environment.

1.Set a target value in HMI screen.SV

2.Set the PV by + and - button

3.If the PV > SV then,then PID output will stop,and then PV will reduce(you can click - to reduce PV) until PV<SV.then PID parameter will be generated

4.Then user can continue this progress until PID parameter stable.Then user can fine-tune PID parameter to make more stable.

5.After getting a stable PID parameter,user can close self turning function,and use these PID parameter directly.Only environment do not change,PID also do not need to change

21. modbus RTU

WECON PLC COM2 support Modbus RTU protocol and WECON PLC protocol.So user need to program ladder to choose modbus rtu protocol in D8126 and set communication parameter in D8120.

22. modbus TCP

If user want to use modbus TCP,PLC must use LX3VP or LX3VE series PLC.And PLC must connect Ethernet BD board

23. PLC position control

This demo shows instrucion ZRN,PLSY,DRVI,DRVA funcion.(Return to the origin, absolute positioning, relative positioning)

24. The clockwise circular interpolation

25. E-CAM function

26. E-GEAR function

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